Friday, December 3, 2010


These are the winners of the Thanksgiving giveaways.  The winners were picked randomly.

Good Reads:  Paula Osbourne 
Blog Giveaway:  Carla Bruns 

Your books are on the way!


Thank you for your interest in the giveaway, 
and sharing what you were thankful for on Thanksgiving.

Here are some of the replies:

I'm thankful for a wonderful family...especially that my daugher and her husband my granddaughters are going to be able to join us both Thursday and Friday! - C. Bruns

I am thankful my family is healthy, and that they live close by to share the holidays together - V. Wurgler

My family and my man who loves me unconditional - J. Mathis

I am thankful to be alive. I had some bad heart and blood pressure problems this past year....a year today. - L. Kish

My health! - Amanda

Waking up every morning...and celebrating each day. - Karen K.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Wendy Burke is a 25 year old waitress who works to make ends meet at a restaurant by a college.  Her dreams have shattered by a former boyfriend who deserted her, and she has been forced to pick up the pieces and live on her own.  Even though her parents would welcome her home with open arms, she is determined to make it without their help.  Although she has recovered from a broken heart, she finds it hard to trust again, leaving her lonely and unfulfilled. 

Unexpectedly she connects with a married man, and after a wonderful night, she falls in love.   The result of that encounter leaves her with a tough decision.   She returns home to her  family, and with their love and support,  Wendy has to decide if she should sacrifice her own happiness to protect the man that she loves.  

Monday, June 7, 2010

New Beginnings Character Insight - John Stanton

John Stanton is a 38 year old,  well liked small town pediatrician, and a father of two teenagers.  Ten years ago, he lost the love of his life Jenny to cancer.  Jenny was his childhood sweetheart, his wife and mother of his children.  

In an attempt to find a mother figure for his children, and to cure his loneliness, John met and quickly married a second wife, Darlene.  The second marriage has not worked out the way he had hoped, as he has been unable to re-capture the love and affection that he experienced with Jenny.  He feels that he will never be truly happy again.

A chance meeting with a young and vibrant woman will change his mind.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In New Beginnings, there is a character named Maureen Burke, also known as Grandma Mo.  Grandma Mo is the well-loved matriarch of the Burke family, and she feels that it is her mission to be the family matchmaker.  She also has this habit of saying things that embarrass members of her family.  Although it is always well intentioned, it is not always appreciated.

Grandma Mo's best work is in Chapter Seventeen - The Christening. In it, her instinct tells her that two people should be together.  The result is embarrassment for everyone involved.  I have posted an excerpt of this chapter on my New Beginnings website under sneak peeks.  It is listed as Sneak Peek #3.

Do you have a relative like Grandma Mo? Is there someone is your family or a friend who has tried to set you up or has said something about you that was mortifying, although it was well intentioned?

Monday, January 11, 2010


Hey Everyone,

Patti Hess from McConnellsburg, Pennsylvania was randomly chosen as the winner of the Christmas contest. 

Thanks to everyone who participated in the Christmas Giveaway.  Happy New Year!

Thursday, January 7, 2010


Thank You

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to take the time and thank everyone who bought my book this past year. I really appreciate all your support and good wishes! You have helped make 2009 a truly memorable year!

Saturday, January 2, 2010


Hey Everyone,

I want to thank you for all your wonderful responses.  I hope that you had a very Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!