Tuesday, April 13, 2010


In New Beginnings, there is a character named Maureen Burke, also known as Grandma Mo.  Grandma Mo is the well-loved matriarch of the Burke family, and she feels that it is her mission to be the family matchmaker.  She also has this habit of saying things that embarrass members of her family.  Although it is always well intentioned, it is not always appreciated.

Grandma Mo's best work is in Chapter Seventeen - The Christening. In it, her instinct tells her that two people should be together.  The result is embarrassment for everyone involved.  I have posted an excerpt of this chapter on my New Beginnings website under sneak peeks.  It is listed as Sneak Peek #3.

Do you have a relative like Grandma Mo? Is there someone is your family or a friend who has tried to set you up or has said something about you that was mortifying, although it was well intentioned?

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