Friday, July 26, 2013


My niece,  Elizabeth Mehling, has written an exciting horror- fantasy novel called Shadow's Dolls.  If you are a horror fan, this novel is right up your alley.  Here is a description and link to Amazon.

At the beginning of the nineteenth century, the lives of six children are shattered when they are abducted and forced to become demonic creatures. Their captor, and leader, then brainwashes them by convincing the group that they must use their suffering as a motive to inflict it on others, especially the mysterious beings that shunned him years ago. Their inner and outer demons begin to form into one, an effective weapon that exists for the sole purpose of wiping out the apparent adversary. On the outer edge of Ursa Major, a culturally diverse civilization, blessed with the ability to control magic, is one of the universe's best-kept secrets. Each of these inhabitants have families, homes, and stories of their own, all of which are interrupted and torn apart by the satanic gang known only as the "Shadow Beings." The Shadow Beings themselves display an apparent sense of control and security. In reality, they must face the constant struggle to remain hidden and hold onto the blind faith they have in their leader (and tormentor), all while falling into a dangerous cycle of doubt and self-destruction that only intensifies. As the cities burn and the people are slaughtered, both the victims and the perpetrators begin to realize that this is not just a direct genocide of the innocents....but a desperate struggle for everyone to maintain their grip on identity and sanity. Recommended for ages 15 and up due to disturbing content, language, and violence.

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